Happy Days

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The Corinth canal and the last trip with Happy days……

Nice expérience to pass the Corinth chanal 4 nautical miles.

A stop on Island Aigina…..I really recommend…..

IMG_1437So now I am in Piraieus and sold my boat here. Feel a little bit sad.

The new ovner from end of august and I realy wish him a lot of happy days on the boat.

Ett särskilt stort tack till mina trogna följare Kerstin, Micke och inte mins Anneli som har varit mina trogne följare genom åren.

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Going to Greece from Sicilia


I wanted to make some days stop in Calabre, south of Italy. But after one day i decided to continue to Greece.  The picture is Bava Marina south of Italy.


After motoring to Laxos in Greece I met an old friend from Australia who livs on his boat the most of the time.

Gaios on Laxor,a wonderful villige


Crew from yacht taking care of skippers dogs…..😀

So now I am finally in Greece again and plan to stay and sail around here for a wile.

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Back on the boat again after the winter….


Left Ville Franche 10 of august after wintering in Port de Camargue.

Came to Cinco Terres in Italy after on night and and daysailing.

IMG_1312 (1)

A stop at Portovenero , a very nice place

IMG_1333Then we went to Rome via Elbe and there little Carl And Markus came onboard. Pierre at the left is with me since Ville Franche.

Coming to Neapel and stayed there for some days an also visiting Pompeii.

Arriving to Palermo after visiting Lipori on the way.

All the crew left me here and I will start my singelhand sailing to Greece.